Listen, from one mushroom lover to another, everyone deserve to eat healthy mushrooms.

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"I harvested my first home-grown mushrooms..."

"I harvested my first home-grown mushrooms today and I am so happy! I love eating mushrooms and have been thinking about trying to grow them for a while, but I always thought it was extremely hard and believed you needed specialized equipment. Then a few weeks ago I stumbled across your site and felt I should give it a try. I was amazed at how much your guide simplified things, and I got started right away. Today I can say that I'm a mushroom grower...thanks to you! I'm already thinking about scaling up and trying to turn this into a source of income. Wish me luck!"
--Daniel Bown

"We found your guide very helpful and the videos made sure that we were getting all the steps correctly..."

"Dear Jake, I purchased "Mushroom Growing 4 You" a few months ago and today I came across your website again and felt I owed you a thank you note. You see, I was never into gardening; don't really have the patience for it. As of last year, my wife has been suffering from a lot of allergic reactions (mainly asthma, eczema and hay fever) and her doctor told her that it was likely that chemicals and synthetics in the food are triggering her symptoms. We have therefore been buying only organic produce. Her symptoms have gotten much better, but grocery bills have shot through the roof as organic vegetables are over twice the price of normal ones. Therefore we have taken up gardening so that we can grow our own organic vegetables, and with your help, we are also growing our own mushrooms! We found your guide very helpful and the videos made sure that we were getting all the steps correctly. Thank you for showing us how."

Ron Altmann - Albury, Australia

"Thankfully, your guide is extremely easy to mushrooms successfully..."

"I've read countless manuals and books about mushroom growing before but yours is the only one which made me feel confident that I could actually grow mushrooms. All the other guides I've read were full of technical jargon and often advocated the use of expensive equipment, which doesn't really make sense if one is only trying to grow on a home-scale level. Thankfully, your guide is written in plain English and it made it extremely easy for me to get started and grow mushrooms successfully. I've also built my own incubation and fruiting chamber by following your instructions, and they've only cost me a few dollars of materials. Two thumbs up from me!"

Ute Fritsch - Berlin, Germany

"Thank you once again for your encouragement and for your wonderful guide."

"Hi Jake, I wanted to thank you once again for your encouragement and for your wonderful guide. Before reading Mushroom Growing 4 You I had no clue on what was involved in mushroom my family has been eating yummy home-grown mushrooms for two weeks! Best of all is the feeling I get knowing that I am feeding my kids pesticide-free mushrooms, and they have told me that 'daddy's mushrooms' taste better than the ones we used to buy from the supermarket. Not to mention that they work out to be much cheaper too! I can honestly say that your system is worth its weight in gold!"
Andrew Dawson - Arizona, USA

"I love your system not only because it contains all the information..."

"I hope everyone who is trying to grow mushrooms finds your system; seriously it should be the bible of mushroom growing. It walked me from the very start to harvesting, and the mushrooms themselves taste fantastic. The videos were particularly helpful as I felt that I was there with you when you were growing your mushrooms. I love your system not only because it contains all the information I needed to be successful with mushroom growing, but best of all it simplified it so much that even someone with no clue on the topic can be successful. Now I want to try to grow a couple of different mushrooms strains as I'm getting more confident and I actually enjoy growing mushrooms!"
Helen Richards - Edinburgh, UK

"I have increased my mushroom growth rate by about 25%..."

"Hello Jake. I had been growing mushrooms for a few years before discovering your system. I bought it because I thought I may learn something new, and I was right! I have increased my mushroom growth rate by about 25% and I have also implemented your tips to increase moisture, and this has had a noticeable positive impact on mushroom taste and texture (my wife agrees!). I think most people forget the importance of moisture when it comes to mushrooms. I also like the way you describe on how to build your own still air glove box and incubation chamber using cheap parts - I had bought mine for a few hundred dollars! If you're ever in Texas let me know and I'll buy you a beer."
Valerie Fenech

"I've just had my first homegrown mushroom..."

"Goodbye pesticide-laden mushrooms, hello delicious organic mushrooms - thanks to you! In the first email I sent you I had told you how anxious I was as I'm not too gifted when it comes to growing stuff, but you were right, I actually managed to get this right the first time. I've just had my first homegrown mushrooms in a salad together with some fresh tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce with a dash of olive oil, and I dare say that it was the best salad I've ever had. Of course I'm slightly biased as the mushrooms were my own, but still! I'm so excited about growing more and more mushrooms and look forward to more tasty salads! Cheers"
David Simons

"Everybody told me that the mushrooms tasted amazing..."

"Hello Mr. White,

I've been making good money selling mushrooms and I thought the least I could do is send you an appreciation email. You see, before coming across your system, I had no idea what mushroom growing involves, but I was keen to try as I've already been selling some organic produce (mainly tomatoes and bell peppers) and I was well aware at how lucrative this market is, especially nowadays with the rising food prices. Anyway, I bought your system, read it from cover to cover and watched all the videos. My first mushroom attempt was a small scale one, but it made me confident that I could grow mushrooms successfully and I tasted first hand at how great the mushrooms tasted.

So I scaled up a bit and distributed all the harvest among family and friends to get some feedback, and everybody told me that the mushrooms tasted amazing and they had better texture and firmness than the ones they buy from supermarkets. I've now gotten myself a deal with some grocers who sell organic produce, and I've been making superb money for almost three months. I'm going to scale up some more as I'm struggling to meet the demand! Thank you once again, I owe you one. "
Ryan Lamborn - Louisiana, USA

* Testimonials Published With Client Permission.


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